Adding a unique look & feel to soaps, candles, facial scrubs, mineral salts…

Rich in texture and medicinal constituents. Both flowers and leaves are the remainders after the cold-pressing extraction. They are the foundation of every Herbal Oil we make. As we don’t use heat or chemicals, these flowers and leaves are full of vibrancy and have no degradation.

We can supply Infused Flowers & Leaves to manufacturers, retailers, small businesses and individuals. Do you have questions about Infused Flowers & Leaves we sell?

Would you like to set up a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT with us? Would you like to become a Distributor of our products? For the above and any other inquiries, please contact us at: sales@organics2botanics.co.nz

For quantities greater than 5kg, please contact us at: sales@organics2botanics.co.nz


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