Witch Hazel Oil - Organic

Witch Hazel Oil - Organic
Product Description

Astringent agent. High levels of Tannins (enzymes found in the leaves) help the skin’s proteins to regain their elasticity, helping to draw tissue together, thereby promoting skin protection and healing. Apply the oil directly onto the skin as needed. 

Moisturizer. The herb promotes skin hydration on the outer skin layer, reducing water loss from the skin; thereby, helping the skin to retain its elasticity. Apply the oil directly onto the skin as needed. 

Helps to treat sunburn. Applying the oil directly onto the skin after tanning can reduce skin redness, peeling and flaking.

Soothing for varicose veins. Pain from varicose veins, in the legs, can be reduced by applying the oil directly onto the affected area. To enhance the relief the oil can be combined with Calendula oil. 

Reduces razor burn. Apply the oil directly onto the area and let it penetrate the skin.


INGREDIENTS: Organic Witch Hazel [Hamamelis virginiana], Organic Sunflower Oil [Helianthus annuus]


Colour/Appearance: Clear, leaf green, slightly viscous liquid

Concentration: 10% by weight

Odour: No off taints, characteristic

45,50 Kč

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