Organic Comfrey Medicinal Oil

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Comfrey is an incredible cell proliferator. It stimulates cells growth and helps with skin regeneration. Comfrey is high in phytochemicals - especially Allantoin. Allantoin helps with the formation of new skin cells; affecting and promoting wound healing of the skin.

Use only on clean cuts because rapid healing can trap dirt.

Rub/massage a few drops of oil onto the affected area. Apply as needed. Allow the oil to penetrate the skin.

If using after a surgery, start applying on the wound after the wound has sealed (does not bleed greatly).

  • Promotes wound healing and minimizes the creation of scar tissue.

  • Soothing, regenerating and rejuvenating qualities. A skin moisturizer which allows skin tissue to regain its elasticity.

  • Helps to reduce swellings, inflammations and sores.

  • An anti-inflammatory agent for bruises, pulled muscles, inflamed bunions, fractures and sprains. Rosmarinic acid, which can be found in roots and leaves of the pant, helps to reduce inflammation.

  • Helps to treat stiff and aching joints. 

WARNING: DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY! Ingesting the extract would cause serious liver damage. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY or EXTERNALLY while pregnant or breastfeeding!

Ingredients: Organic Comfrey [Symphytum officinale], Organic Sunflower Oil [Helianthus annuus

19,50 Kč

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