Diaper Balm

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Red, sore, tender and irritated skin leads to a lot of tears. Calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial herbs were used in our balm to sooth and nourish baby’s skin. Herbs with high calcium content, such as Chickweed and Comfrey, help to stimulate tissue growth. Calendula’s ability to constrict blood vessels and stop bleeding and swelling, and Chamomile’s soothing and antibacterial benefits will help to treat and nourish your baby’s bottom.  Use daily as needed and/or between diaper changes. 

  • Keeping Baby’s Skin Healthy & Soft

  • Sooths Skin’s Tenderness & Irritation

  • Calms Inflamed & Red Skin

  • Antimicrobial & Anti-fungal Herbs

Safety Information: Discontinue use and see your doctor if irritation, adverse side effects appear.

Ingredients: Organic Chickweed [Stellaria media], Organic Comfrey Leaf [Symphytum officinale], Organic Calendula Flowers [Calendula officinalis], Organic Chamomile Flowers [Matricaria chamomilla], Organic Sunflower Oil [Helianthus annuus], Organic - Virgin Shea Butter [Butyrospermum parkii], Organic Beeswax [Cera alba], Vitamin E [vitamin e alpha tocopheryl acetate], Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil [Melaleuca alternifolia], Organic Bergamot Essential Oil [Citrus bergamia]

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